Family Law Services

Family Law is a complex field of law.

We provide professional advice and advocacy to guide you through to a just result.


COURT can be a stressful and confusing time for your client. Paul Schroder has been conducting Court cases for forty years and applies his wealth of knowledge about the Family Law Act, Court Rules and Procedure to guide your client through this difficult time whilst vigorously prosecuting your case.

MEDIATION is a less formal, less expensive and faster alternate dispute resolution procedure which Paul recommends and attends upon for those matters that he assesses are suitable.

ARBITRATION is becoming more frequently required by Courts, particularly in property matters, due to the lengthy delays now experienced in the Court system. It is important to realise of that the same Rules of Evidence and Procedure as in a Court hearing apply. Paul regularly attends on Arbitration hearings.


Conferences and Advices map out the route to be followed to a successful conclusion of the case.

The convenience of a Barrister coming to your office at a time to suit you and your client for a conference has been provided by Paul Schroder for over ten years. Providing advice to Solicitors in their own office allows a prompt action of any urgent matters.


Successful results in Family Law begin at the time the first Affidavit and Pleading is drafted. Incorrectly drafted Affidavits, or poorly drafted Pleadings result in delay, frustration, excessive costs and client dissatisfaction.

Paul has many years of experience in formulating the correct types of Application for final Orders in relation to parenting and property maters, or for urgent matters to

  • Preserve property and prevent child abduction
  • Protect children from abuse and family violence
  • Gain interim Residence and spending time arrangements until a final hearing

In addition due to his knowledge of the Family Law Act, Rules of the various Courts, and decided cases Paul is able to succinctly craft an Affidavit that suits the Application being made to the Court. Because of this many Solicitors use Paul’s drafting skills at the very beginning of a case.


Whoever said clients can easily act for themselves in relation to Property matters clearly did not have the Family Law Act (as amended by various governments) in mind. Since 1976, when the Family Law Act commenced, Property matters have become complex in law and complicated in procedure.

Paul Schroder can assist your client quickly and with as minimal cost as possible to

  • Advise as to the client’s property rights and entitlements
  • Prepare and conduct urgent applications to preserve assets
  • Prepare and conduct final property hearings
  • Guide your client to alternate resolution processes in suitable matters
  • Setting aside property Orders in suitable matters.

Remember there are time limits which apply to property matters so seek advice early. Paul will not provide advice or certificates in relation to Binding Financial Agreements.


Disputes regarding your children are probably the most stressful and emotionally draining experience after separation.  Paul Schroder brings the experience of nearly 40 years in Family Law, which has seen the evolution of parenting matters from a simple process to a complicated legal minefield, to help clients through this difficult time.

Whether your client needs urgent assistance to 

    • protect children from abuse and family violence, 
    • prevent child abduction
    • prevent child  relocation against a parent’s wishes

or if it is to provide advice and prepare for a final hearing in relation to parenting matters, Paul has the experience with empathy to get the right outcome. 

In suitable matters Paul will always recommend alternatives to expensive litigation including Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution.


Defacto Relationships, and Gay and Lesbian Relationships have long received equal recognition and rights concerning childrens matters under the Family Law Act.  Equal rights to Gay and Lesbian couples in relation to their property matters have been in place under the Family Law Act for nearly a decade, except in a few States, which makes for a confusing mix of law requiring careful attention to detail.

Paul Schroder has provided advice to and represented clients from all types of relationships. He understands each relationship is unique and needs an individual resolution to suit the client’s needs into the future.


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